/ Scout scrambling & Via Ferrata permits

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Toerag - on 15 Apr 2018

So who here has a Scout association adventurous activity permit for scrambling or Via Ferrata? POR is a little vague on the subject and doesn't have a scrambling permit assessment guide - it only refers to the hillwalking rules, climbing rules, and 'specialist terrain'. Specialist terrain rule 9.31 states:-

When in terrain or using skills that have not been assessed for a terrain 2 hillwalking or a climbing permit (such as glaciers, scrambling, via ferrata), then specific approval is required for the activity from the responsible Commissioner based on advice from someone with knowledge and experience of the activity. Specific approval is in addition to the holding of a terrain 2 hillwalking or climbing permit.

Obviously the indoor climbing permits aren't good enough, but is a 'natural top rope' climbing permit deemed good enough?

As an aside, if anyone is considering leading Via ferrata in Kandersteg be aware that the UK-specific rules now state that you need a terrain 2 hillwalking permit in addition to any VF permit. That's pretty disappointing for anyone wanting to do the Allmenalp VF and descend with the cablecar who doesn't have a terrain 2 permit.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.