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scousejay on 11 May 2014 -
Hi everybody. New to site & walking. We walked up snowdonia on sat just gone but had to turn round at 2nd bridge weather to bad from there. We're looking at going again in few weeks to finish walk & get to the top. We went the llanberis path.
I had my own waking boots but just a normal pair of combats on with them & borrowed a 3-1 waterproof jacket from friend which kept me dry most of day but rain got through in the end.
Was hoping use could gone me some tips on which gear to buy for myself not a millionaire but will spend if it will last.
Really enjoyed what walk we could do was brilliant up there.
If anybody could give us tips on clothes & walks it would be great.
Thanks. Jay
David Kay - on 11 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

Sorry to hear you got turned back by the weather. I've messaged you a link to SportsPursuit, it's a website that sell good kit at discounted prices. They often have Haglofs, Mountain Hardware and Marmot kit on there. You should be able to find a good waterproof jacket at a reasonable price.

Hope you find something,

squirrel00 - on 11 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

Good sale on halgofs today on sport pursuit , great site for getting good deals just takes 3-4 weeks sometimes for delivery, but well worth the wait with what you save

Webster - on 11 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

I would start by calling it Snowdon not "Snowdonia", that's one hell of a long walk otherwise! Yr Wrddfa would be even better!
scousejay on 11 May 2014 -
In reply to scousejay:
Well that's why am on here find stuff out all new to me,didn't know I said it wrong! it must be my scouse accent!!
Will check that site out for some stuff thanks.
Does anybody know some good walks around n-west so I don't have drive far every time.
Thanks. Jay.
Shearwater - on 11 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

For next time, I can recommend taking one of the other routes to the summit. There's a bunch of major routes up, and they're a little shorter but perhaps more interesting than the Llanberis route.
ianstevens - on 11 May 2014
In reply to Webster:

Yr Wrddfa would be even better!

Yr Wyddfa would be even better, and actually correct.
buxtoncoffeelover - on 12 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

Hi Jay, glad you enjoyed your trip up Snowdon (in Snowdonia). From Liverpool you will always need to drive some distance to find upland adventures- lots in N.Wales, southern Lake District, eastern Peak District & Pendle Hills near Burnley (I think- not yet been there). As for clothing.....!! You can spend a fortune on a single item (£hundreds for a jacket) or go for budget gear & get whole wardrobe. Check out Go Outdoors, Decathlon, Yeomans, Mountain Warehouse, Sports Direct (sell Karrimor end of line stuff etc & ski kit), Aldi/Lidl (frequently do cyclesport, running, fishing, walking, golfing stuff that is cheap & functional), Primark (very cheap fleeces), Charity shops & even TK Maxx (often have Keela & Craghopper kit). Start with a baselayer (Long-Johns and long sleeve T-shirt) that is not cotton based. Thin liner & thicker warm socks keep feet toasty & comfy.Layer upper body with a couple of thin cheap fleeces in increasing sizes (add/remove as activity/conditions dictate).Cheap fleece leggings & waterproof overtrousers keep out wind/rain, but can get too hot in fair weather. Stretchy leggings/running tights dont flap about & are good for summer. A softshell jacket is windproof, hardwearing, warm & shower resistant (Regatta is cheap & reasonable & widely available). Pacamac/Stowaway cagoule/jacket to go with overtrousers to keep most rain out & stop wind stealing your bodyheat. Hat, gloves (cheap fleecy, workmens, even lined washing up gloves, ski mittens, neoprene fishermens gloves- have a few pairs to keep changing into dry gloves), neckwarmer & bag to carry your spare kit (spare fleece & leggings, dry socks,extra gloves & hat/balaclava in pedalbin liners to keep dry). All this can be had for around £150 & will suffice. Add/improve as time passes & experience dictates. Or you can spend over £thousand & treat yourself to swish/slick latest kit in this seasons new colours. You might not have any more fun tho. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Nik
buxtoncoffeelover - on 12 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

Raid your local library for guidebooks; if nothing useful on shelf ask librarian to order stuff in from other libraries. Check out Cicerone's list of guides for ideas. Also Wainwright's books for Lake Disrict.
Webster - on 12 May 2014
In reply to ianstevens:

my bad!
In reply to scousejay:


Have you thought about joining a local club ?

You'll meet like minded people, have a laugh and get the benefit of other people's experience.
Have a look at
The club has a facebook page too, great bunch of people and active most weekends. The club also has a converted chapel and cottage in Capel Curig, Snowdonia that's free to stay in if you are a member.
PSinc on 12 May 2014 -
In reply to scousejay:
Clwydian range shouldn't be too far, good circular walk from Moel Arthur through Cilcain, with the option of adding Moel Famau.

Just google "Moel Arthur Cilcain" for a number of pages with the route.

More tame than Snowdon (although via Llanberis path that might be arguable) but a very beautiful range in its own right, with brilliant views.
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ianstevens - on 12 May 2014
In reply to Webster:

> my bad!

Haha, if your going to be a pedant, you may as well get it right!

p.s. I had to look it up, my Welsh spelling is awful
scousejay on 15 May 2014 -
In reply to scousejay:

Moel Famau sounds great, love snowdon but it's bit of a drive for every w/end, something more local would be great. If any more tips of use it would be great.
Thank. Jay.
pdone on 15 May 2014
In reply to scousejay:

If you join a club you will have access to lots of advice, shared transport and places to stay. Try

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