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benp1 - on 11 Jun 2018

I'm planning to do this walk with wildcamping kit. I'd like to do the scramble up the N face of Tryfan and also do the scramble of Crib Goch up from Pen Y Pass. That suggest a N-S approach, is that right?

I'm not in a rush, I'd like to enjoy the scrambles and do them in the light, plus I'll be carrying kit. Planning to have at least 1 night out, if not 2. I was thinking of starting from Foel Fras (as close as a car can drop me from Aber) and head south. I'll be starting in the evening, I'll camp out at the appropriate time and then continue in the morning. 

Would the reverse of this route - - let me do that OK? I've seen a few versions that do the Llanberis Path but that would mean missing out on the ascent of Crib Goch. The UKH route card shows a stint on the road which would be less than ideal, but allows me to do Crib Goch.

If anyone has a good GPX I'd be grateful for it

Also, anyone know what the water and midge situation is at the moment? I have a very small window of opportunity to do this at the end of the month

elliptic on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to benp1:

That works - the only route option I'd consider is dropping down the east ridge of Pen Yr Ole Wen to cross the main road at Glan Dena, although going straight down to Ogwen Cottage (and then yomping along the road) has the benefit you can get a cup of tea and a hot pasty if you're there in opening hours!

Doing it N-S means you also get to do Bristly Ridge onto the Glyders which is an extra bonus.

Ron Rees Davies - on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to benp1:

Yes, a North start gives you the options of Tryfan N ridge, Bristly ridge and Crib Goch in ascent (as well as the small scramble over Castell y gwynt). 

Bwlch y ddeufaen above Rowen gives a more direct start than the routes from above Aber, though the Anafon valley is nice. 

The route over the Carneddau is a straightforward peak to peak route apart from the dog leg for Yr Elen. Definitely DON't try the direct descent down the S ridge of PyOW, take the East ridge to Glan Dena.

The glyderau route is fine - the only detour being to miss out Bristly if you don't fancy it. There is a slight difficulty at the moment as the bridge over Afon dudodyn has washed away so you'll have to get across the river.

There is always a part of the route from Nant Peris along the road, the distance depending on which route you want to take. North Ridge of Crib Goch is the obvious one for a N-S 3000s and involves a couple of km along the road up the pass  (partly on a footpath over the wall on the S side of the road). 

At the moment everywhere is quite dry (this doesn't really affect the 3000s route unless you need water at the spring on Yr Elen), but probably all going to change in the next few days. Midges have been bad this year but most of the route is on exposed tops or ridges and even a slight breeze keeps them away, especially if you keep moving.

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mbh - on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to benp1:

Ron Rees Davies said:
>Definitely DON't try the direct descent down the S ridge of PyOW, take the East ridge to Glan Dena.

^^^We tried that once. It was awful. it is much easier to go east.

North ridge of Tryfan followed by Bristly Ridge is a lovely outing.

Marek - on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to benp1:

I certainly prefer the N-S option - it seems fitting to finish on Snowdon rather than some bump in the Carneddau.

However, when I've done it I've gone from Ogwen Cottage up to Foel Goch and Elidir Fawr, then doubled back south picking up Tryfan up and down the south ridge and then down to Pen-y-Pass and over Crib Goch (unnecessary, but fun).

benp1 - on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to benp1:

Thanks for the tips, really useful. I'll take the east ridge off PyOW

David Larkam - on 26 Jul 2018
In reply to benp1:

Hi Ben, just seen your post. Have you done it yet? I'm thinking about doing it over 3 days at the end of next week.


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