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martinturner - on 14 Jun 2017
Looking at doing a few sections of the Anglesey Coastal Path, with the dog, in July. Not the whole thing, but just go over for like 5days while I'm off work, and see what we can do.

My main issue is that I begrudge paying a Campsite £30 for one night, when I won't be using the swimming pool etc etc. But trying to find a simple site, at the distance I want, is proving difficult.

Have many people wild camped at any point on the Anglesey coast?
What is the general tone about it?

Obviously leave no trace and don't Camp under somebodies nose! But is it met with hostility, or generally accepted?

richprideaux - on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to martinturner:

I did a section last year. Bivvied on the lawn of a very dilapidated and unoccupied holiday home.

I spotted a few places where a bivvy bag could be stealthily deployed. Lack of flat ground was the biggest obstacle.

Words and pics here:
martinturner - on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to richprideaux:

Thanks for the reply, and a great read too!

Funnily enough, the Molfre Section is the only bit I've walked before, so was good to be able to relate!

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