About Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your browser when you use websites and applications. You can control how websites use cookies by configuring the privacy settings within your browser (please refer to your browser's help function to learn more about cookie controls). Note that if you disable cookies entirely, UKClimbing may not function properly.

UKClimbing and the companies that help us run our business use cookies in several ways, such as:

  • Authenticating and identifying you on our websites and applications so we can provide you the services you requested
  • Keeping track of information you have provided to us - for example, sorting orders on lists or prefered measurement units (miles/km)
  • Remembering your preferences or where you left off in certain areas of the site.
  • Running the Google analytics

Learn more about cookies from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Problems with Cookies

Firewalls - If you are using a personal firewall (eg, ZoneAlarm) product on your computer, then it may be set to block all cookies. Consult the help pages on your firewall product if you need help allowing cookies through your firewall.

Check your clock - If you believe that you have cookies configured, and they still are not working, then check that the time is set correctly on your PC. An incorrect clock setting (eg, the wrong YEAR!) can cause cookies to fail.

Clear your browser cache - If you are sure that you have enabled cookies and you are still getting an error page, then your browser may be showing an old (cached) copy of the error page. Try going to your browser options and using the delete/empty/clear temporary/cached pages from your computer, and then using the 'Reload' button on your browser to fetch a fresh copy of the Login as Existing User page.

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