Premier Posts

Premier Posts are adverts that appear as the top topics across all the UKC forums. They can contain text, large images and video and are a highly effective method of instantaneously reaching the thousands of climbers and mountaineers who visit the forums each day.

A Premier Post can be purchased using our automated online system which allows you to preview it while you create it. The PP will remain 'active' for anything from 1 week to 6 months depending on how much you wish to spend. During this time a PP is randomly rotated across the top five positions in all the forums, including the main Forums Latest page, giving them great prominence being seen by as many different people as possible each month. They are also permanently listed in the Premier Posts forum occupying the top positions while they are active but remaining visible once they are inactive as they drop down the stack.

Category Cost/week Notes
Commercial messages £48 Commercial events like lectures and slide shows.
Market research. Public announcements by businesses (eg. wall closure notices, public meetings, etc.)
Charity events £6* *Please contact us first before you choose this rate.
Charity events and web sites. Mountain Rescue events and Mountain Rescue recruitment. Personal research surveys for academic study. Non-commercial climbing club meeting announcements. We may sometimes allow non-commercial events but only with permission. 'Commercial' means anything that involves entrance charges, event sponsors, links to web sites containing advertising or payments to third parties.
All prices INCLUDE VAT at 20%.

Start a new Premier Post

Once you have submitted your Premier Post you are not able to alter it so please double check for spellings and web addresses before you complete. It is also well worth while viewing our Premier Post Tutorial since this has some great tips and advice.

UKC also has many other advertising options

Common Questions

Q1) Why does my Premier Post only appear intermittently?
Each of the main forums only display 5 active Premier Posts at once. These five posts are sampled at random from all the available active Premier Posts (active posts are listed in bold). If your post is not visible, then click 'Refresh' a few times and it is sure to appear. All Premier Posts are listed in the Premier Post Forum so you can always see it there.

Q2) Why is my Premier Post not in the top position; I have only just posted it?
All active Premier Posts are rotated randomly across the top five positions across all the forums. If you refresh your browser then the selection and position of the Premier Post will change. On the Premier Post Forum the active PPs are listed according to their most recent post.

Q3) Why is my Premier Post not in the correct Forum?
Over 95% of Forum viewers use the Forums Latest page which displays 5 random active Premier Posts and the most recent threads with replies across all forums. It isn't possible, or desirable, to have a Premier Post on a single forum. Forums Latest is the page that Premier Posts need to be disaplyed on for maximum exposure.


Q4) How do I include a photo in my Premier Post?
When you write your Premier Post you are given an option to 'Include Photo'. Have your photo ready beforehand - the photo file should be JPEG format and under 1Mb in size. Use the 'Choose File' button to navigate to your JPEG image to upload it. Once the photo is uploaded it will appear on the right-aligned on the preview pane of the Premier Post. The menus below allow you to change the size and alignment of the photo in the post.

Q5) How do I include a large full post-width photo in my Premier Post?
You can now upload very large photos to the Premier Posts system which may be stand-alone adverts that don't require any text. First prepare your JPEG image in the normal way but make sure it is no more than 800 pixels wide. Now upload it as described above. Next select 'full page photo' from the Photo size menu. A full page photo can only be centre aligned although you can add text below the image if you wish.


Q6) How do I include a video in my Premier Post?
You can now include videos in Premier Posts. The videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. UKC has its own YouTube page and advertiser videos can be hosted there - just contact us for help with this. To include the YouTube video clip in your Premier Post, cut and paste the Embed code that is displayed on the YouTube site showing your video into the 'Embed video?' box when you create your Premier Post. This should appear in the preview pane below.

Q7) Can I include videos not on YouTube or Vimeo?
No, at present this is not possible. However your video could be hosted on the UKClimbing YouTube page and we can help move it if required - contact us.


Q8) How do I pay for a Premier Post?
Unless you have a UKC Advertiser Account then you will need to use a credit or debit card through our WorldPay system. Have your card ready when you start your Premier Post.

Q9) How do I use my UKC Advertiser Account Premier Posts
Many UKC Advertiser packages include a number of weeks allocated for Premier Posts. If you have weeks available to your Advertiser Account then you will be asked if you wish to use this allocation against a Premier Post when you post it. You need to be logged in with the main Advertiser Account profile for these weeks to appear. If you are having problems using your allocation, or wish to find out more about getting an Advertiser Account, then contact UKC Advertising.

Other Questions

Q10) Can I set-up a Premier Post using a company name?
Yes you can but if you want to continue to post throughout the forums (on threads other than your Premier Post) using your company or commercial name as a User Profile, you will have to upgrade your User Profile to a Commercial Profile.

Q11) Do I need to be a registered user before making a Premier Post?
Yes. Premier Posts can only be posted on by registered users, and this includes the starter post. This is a security measure to stop malicious posts from anonymous posters who are really competitors, or just people out to rubbish someone else's business.

Q12) Can I stop people replying to my Premier Post?
Yes. During the submission process there is a tick box for stopping replies. Please note that Premier Posts that don't accept replies tend to receive fewer views than those that do accept replies. This is because each time a reply is added the Premier Post is listed as having new, unread posts.

Q13) Why would I want to not allow replies to my Premier Post?
If you don't think you have time to monitor the replies to your Premier Post its probably a good idea to not allow replies. On the other hand, if you do allow replies and respond to questions, you can get invaluable feedback that would be very costly to obtain by any other means.

Q14) What happens if someone replies to my Premier Post in an offensive or insulting manner?
Check the Forum Guidelines. If you think that the poster has contravened these guidelines inform the Forum moderators. We will act quickly to remove anything offensive and in contravention of our guidelines.

Q15) What happens if someone openly criticises my Premier Post?
This is a risk you run by allowing replies to your Premier Post. The best way to respond to criticism is with a polite informative reply. Remember that while criticism can sometime be annoying it can also be extremely useful feedback for future development. If you feel that the criticism is unjustified, then contact the Forum moderators.

Q16) Can I renew my Premier Post?
You will be emailed before your Premier Post expires asking if you want to extend the advertising period. You can also renew it at any time, even after it has expired, by clicking onto the 'Renew' button which appears in the opening post after a Premier Post has lapsed. If this 'Renew' button doesn't appear, then make sure you are correctly logged onto UKC, on the same profile as the top post in the Premier Post.

Q17) What happens when my Premier Post expires?
If you let your Premier Post expire it will no longer be rotated across the main forums but it will still be listed in the Premier Post forum below the active Premier Posts. It will slowly drop down this message stack but will be permanently archived and always available if people search for it, unless you ask us to remove it. It can be renewed at any time by clicking on the 'Renew' button in the top post.

Q18) Can I edit my Premier Post?
No. Once it has been submitted, you can not edit it anymore. If there are serious problems with it then contact the Forum moderators.


Use an informative title which indicates what the post is about. Be plain and clear. Don't try to be deliberately vague to encourage people to find out more. This approach rarely works.


Be concise and to the point. State what you are offering in short punchy sentences. Save words by linking to text on your own site where further information is needed. You can highlight text in bold or italic using the layout buttons above the text box.


- Always include clickable links to your own site. To do this you need to write the full web address as it appears in your browser address window e.g. The http:// is crucial.

Email Addresses

You can also hotlink email addresses by writing mailto: before the email address e.g.

An example of a well designed Premier Post:

screenshot of good premier post

What this post looks like when creating it:

screenshot of how to design a good post

  1. Ads must not contain any of the following
    - Sexual or pornographic products or services
    - Anything illegal under UK or EU law
  2. Once you pay for your advert we are unable to give any refund. If we deem your advert to be unsuitable for Premier Post, or posted into the wrong category, we will contact you and suggest a more suitable advertising method. Your payment may be used towards an alternative advertising method but not refunded.
  3. UKClimbing Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss or injury incurred as a result of placing ads on Premier Post.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management.

Contact: Advertising team

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