/ Anyone going to Monte Rosa 21-26 July?

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L Alexander Rast - on 13 Jul 2018

Hi, I'm Alex Rast, new on this forum, but not new to climbing

Very short notice (apologies), but is anyone possibly going to Monte Rosa on the Italian side in the period 21-26 July, looking for a partner and/or willing to have someone else join the party? 

What's happening is, I'm off there during those days - the intent was to meet up with a friend and do some climbs, but he decided to go with a guided party. I'm staying in the same huts anyway, so we'll manage to meet, but obviously we won't be climbing together as it turns out.

I've got more than 10 seasons Alpine experience, comfortable on steep snow (at least 60 degrees), glacier terrain, rock (where I'm particularly strong, up to E5 UK grade rock climber). Vertical ice or vertical mixed though not an area of experience. This trip, though, not looking to do anything particularly hard or dangerous. 

My itinerary looks like this: 22 July Quintino Sella hut, 23 July Mantova, 24 July Gnifetti, 25 July Margherita, 26 July descend (but could possibly rearrange and stay at a hut of your choice in the area). 

It's rather constrained I know, a bit of a long shot, but I thought I'd post in case someone's interested.  

You can e-mail me If the mail bounces try again in a few hours, this mailbox often clogs up requiring me to purge it to free up some space.

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