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L AnnaC - on 06 Jul 2018


Hi there,

I've never really used these forums before and know this it a total long shot but here goes;

I am going with my 2 girls (10 and 7 years old) to camp very close to Arco, Lake Garda in the summer for two weeks, 11th - 25th August.  The three of us are really keen to get a bit of climbing done in the Alps but in order for this to happen I need another family or an individual happy climb with some kids and set up/do some top roping.  

I'll be there with my sister and her partner but they don't climb and already have their hands full with two little ones and another one on the way! 

Anyone who has any ideas/might be in the area/knows of other folks who might be in the area, I'd love to hear from you!  If you prefer feel free to use my mob: 07522657790


mnf_nelson on 06 Jul 2018
In reply to AnnaC:


We went end of May early June. Stayed at Residence verdeblu near Torbole. Lovely place, family friendly with small play area and pool. 10min drive to Arco. 

We did a bit of climbing at few different crags but enjoyed the crag at Nago, lots of easy routes at a nice venue only 5mins from Torbole.


I recommend climbing early morning as it gets hot from 13:00 onwards. Bare in mind the very popular or older crags have become very polished and found a couple of routes we climbed quite unpleasant. 


We got a very useful pamphlet at the apartment that mentioned some kid friendly crags but there’s tonnes to offer in the Arco Rock guide book. Most stuff is within 30mins drive from Arco.


Other stuff to do, tonnes of biking from Torbole and Arco, loads of lake side stuff at Torbole. There’s a beautiful lake called Lago Di Teno about 30mins drive away, perfect day out swimming/walking etc. Trips to different towns on the lake either by boat or driving. Nice little botanical garden in Arco. 




weather wise we found that the afternoons were quite changeable with some rain and storms. Weather apps were very poor at predicting this.

also there’s a ridiculous number of climbing shops in Arco so if your struggling for child friendly climbing call in at a shop and ask, everyone is very friendly!

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L AnnaC - on 07 Jul 2018
In reply to mnf_nelson:

Hi there,

Ah this is so good to read thanks so much!! So did you set top ropes up from above for the kids or was it necessary to first climb the routes?

I really appreciate the info! Thanks again!


alpinist63 - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to AnnaC:

you might enjoy doing some via ferrata with the kids, some are pretty easy and can be done safely with kids, like the colodri via ferrata in arco, easy, nice summit, good views and easy descent( starts at the campsite) 

otherwise as menioned above, plenty of easy, kids-friendly climbing and usually busy enough that you will find someone to belay you / put a toprope  if you're alone with the kids

though it can be really hot in august, so an 'alpine start' is recommended or just wait till the crags are in the shade. 

mnf_nelson on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to AnnaC:

Climbed first, unclip draws on the way down. 

Toerag - on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to AnnaC:

It's almost certainly going to be bloody hot. When we climbed there in the first week of September we were getting to the crag at 8-8:30am and done by 11. Lunch, then swim in the lake, then a VF in the evening.

Corno Di Bo is a 'no holds' slab that stays in the shade until lunchtime. Once you climb one pitch you can traverse across and rig topropes. Safe swimming below the crag.

Marmitte di Giganti has a couple of top-ropeable lines if you can find your way to the top, but I don't know if they're easy enough for your girls.

If it's too hot the Brenta Dolomites are 2 hours drive away. Do Sentiero SOSAT to give the girls something to remember if you think they can do the long ladder (test them on the long ladders of the Arco VF).

beardy mike - on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to AnnaC:

I'll echo those saying it can be really hot and humid there in August - morning is definitely the order of the day! I've only climbed there a coulpe of days so no specific recommendations for crags. On Via Ferrata, if that's what you end up doing, please make sure you find newer kits which are appropriate for for your kids as older kits are set up for adults and will seriously injure a light 7-10 year old. The absorbers in old kits are rated for an 80kg adult and counter-intuitively the lighter you are, the greater the shock you will see as you simply don't have enough energy to rip the absorber. The UIAA changed the standard in the last year or two so new systems should be fine. And take a light thin rope with you so that you can belay if one of them feels scared on a section - easier to be safe than sorry

L AnnaC - on 17 Jul 2018
In reply to alpinist63:

Hi there,

Thanks so much!! Really good to hear this and yep maybe finding a family friendly crag and then asking for a belay is the simplest thing!



L AnnaC - on 17 Jul 2018
In reply to Toerag:

This is all so useful!! Thanks so much!! Good to have some names of places to go and investigate!

(and yep, it’s gonna be hot????)


L AnnaC - on 17 Jul 2018
In reply to beardy mike:

Oh fantastic! Thanks for the kit info! Will look out for this!



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