/ Blackpool/Preston area

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Davidwi - on 13 Jan 2018


im looking for a climbing partner. Ideally someone that would climb once a week locally.

indoor climbing Blackpool or Westview at preston and outdoor Trad.

i have gear etc.. I climb comfy leading VS I’m looking to really push the grade though with my eye on working Bullworker/Toreador at Denham this summer.

An before the club suggestions get mentioned, I was in a club last year an i didn’t get out climbing other than on the odd evening with them.

kennypkuk - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to Davidwi:

Hi that's a shame. Preston mountaineering club is very active. meets at west view Tues and Thursday evenings. many outdoor meets during the year. See their web page for details. i am trying to meet them on Tuesdays and my other climbing friends on Fridays. give me a shout when you are about. cheers

Davidwi - on 10:28 Sun
In reply to kennypkuk:

I might have a look Kenny. The problem is I work shifts so one week I can only do mornings and the other I can only do evenings so a club then becomes a once fortnightly thing at best.


kennypkuk - on 23:16 Sun
In reply to Davidwi:

i only work 3 days a week so email me. i am not a great climber but a bomber belayer.


L nkhumphreys - on 21:41 Tue
In reply to Davidwi:

Hey, I am based near Chorley if you are still looking for a climbing partner?

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