/ Central Asia Summer 2018

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Ushba_4692 - on 14 Mar 2018

I'll be in Central Asia from late June til Early September and looking for a partner to get some big mountains climbed. Probably sticking to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for the main part, but possibly Uzbek and Kazakhstan as well depending on what the border restrictions are like. Anyone down for some expedition type stuff hit me up. 

L gabriel94 - on 21:27 Mon
In reply to Ushba_4692:

hI my name is Gabriel ,i am 24 yo from Greece.I also want to visit Kyrgyzstan this summer for alpine climbing .By the way i am not sure if my level is up to "expedition type stuff" as i can climb some moderate climbs . Either way ,if you are interested sent me a pm 

Cheers Gabriel



betathief - on 20:45 Tue
In reply to gabriel94:

Not sure if this will be much help, but a few years ago, I was there on a non mountaineering trip doing the mongol rally. Although I managed to get a couple of days in the hills. I only did a trekking peak called Ucitel. It is easy to do solo in the right conditions, here is the blog post I have for it.

as well as this there are more mountaineering peaks accessible from the base camp, although I only had a pair of trainers and thin hiking trousers. It's so close to the city it's pretty easy to get to. I spoke to a Brit who was there and was using a guide from this place I don't remember the price but it was bloody cheap Compaired to European prices. 

As for travel around the different areas, between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan I believe you can cross without a visa (uk passport) and crossings are easy enough, just the usual bull that is expected at crossings. Uzbekistan you need a visa, same with Tajikistan.

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