/ Climbing partner holiday anywhere Dec 26th-Jan5th

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SStraver 02 Dec 2019

Basically I've had some time open up between two jobs and I'm desperate to get some time out on the rock. Was looking at spain but open to most places. Does anyone want to go somewhere?

I'm climbing around 6c+/7a but just want to do a bunch of climbing so not fussy

For what it's worth I have a van and gear and my mum says I'm pretty fun. 

MarcinK 03 Dec 2019
In reply to SStraver:

Hi SStraver,

I was just going to put similar post on the forum but here you are!

I also have spare time between 26th and 5th and was also thinking about some good climbing trip.

I have a lot of experience but I'm not in the perfect shape now but should be able lead some 6a and second 6b maybe 6c.

Please let me know if this would be of interest for you?



SStraver 04 Dec 2019
In reply to MarcinK:

Hi Marcin, 

I would be interested yes! I'm looking at going to either Chullila or the costa blanca area around Alicante, let me know if you're open to joining  

John Cuthbert 22:50 Wed
In reply to SStraver:

I was thinking about Costa Blanca from the 27th (got a family gig on the 26th). 

We are climbing at the same level, so that's cool. I have however been to Costa Blanca probs 20 times,  so would be keen on very specific things...

I'm also creaking a fair bit, so climbing every day is out, and a bit of swimming would normally be in..

let me know what you think. 

John C

SStraver 15:23 Thu
In reply to John Cuthbert:

Hi John, 

I've had a change of heart regarding costa blanca as apparently it's a little spread out? I've settled on El Churro as people have told me that's a good place for people looking for partners. Handy we're around the same level though! No worries if you're set on the Costa Blanca, but hit me up if you decide to foray further south!


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Donny M 20:56 Thu
In reply to SStraver:

Hi all. I’m leaving U.K. on the 15th for a few weeks in my new camper, me and the dog. My mum lives in the portugal / Spain border so I will head there for Xmas day but I’m motivated to drive anywhere within a couple of hours inside Spain to climb with people.

Lets try and keep this thread alive so we can see who’s still in closer to the time if nothing solid is planned in the interim? 


Donny M 20:59 Thu
In reply to SStraver:

6 hour drive from my mums. I could probably head there for last few days of December / first few days of Jan. 

zhwang 12:32 Fri
In reply to SStraver:


Might be interested as well for El Chorro, been twice last year but there's plenty for me to go at.

First time was around new years and I was hunting for a partner but it'd be good to have someone or a group of people lined up already.

Leading around 6b+ or 6c currently, but I did redpoint two soft 7as there last year. Could fly in to Malaga 27th to 5th or similar.

benka 16:04 Fri
In reply to SStraver:

Looking for partners in the blanca area from 21st Dec.

I climb upto 7c


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Donny M 23:15 Fri
In reply to zhwang:

I could get there on the 30th Dec. 

John Cuthbert 23:30 Sat
In reply to benka:

Hey Ben,

I'm interested dec 27-Jan 6., but your post doesn't say much about where your staying, what you'd like to do, and how u roll (see my earlier post above).

let me know what u think..

John C

SStraver 12:18 Sun

Hi all, 

My plans are to arrive in el churro evening of 27th December and leave morning of 11th January. I’ll be staying at the olive branch. Would love to climb with any and all of you!

Message or ring me on 07914 955034

or email sis.straver@gmail.com


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