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L Delbiz - on 13 Jun 2018

Planning on a trip to Italy late August early September, Considering a few alpine climbs in the monte Rosa massif. Looking at mostly PD level routes,  Cresta del Soldato, Lyskamm ridge ect.

Im flexible on the summits, and the time. I am 24 and am physically fit, have been climbing for a while, however I have been limited in my experience due to the difficulty in finding like minded people

L Alexander Rast - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Delbiz:

Hi, I'm new on UKC but have extensive Alpine experience (10+ seasons). Comfortable on steep snow, glacier terrain, rock (particularly strong on rock, lead up to E5 UK grade).

Maybe it's too late for you to do anything, but I'm going off to the Monte Rosa massif starting 21 July (i.e. in a week). 22nd July at Quintino Sella hut, 23rd at Mantova, 24th at Gnifetti, 25th at Margherita. Lots and lots of opportunities to try interesting routes (Liskamm traverse is particularly appealing!), I'm happy on simple PD-like stuff, don't need to do anything hard, familiar with the Monte Rosa massif on that side.

It's happening because I was planning on linking up with a friend of mine to do some climbs in the grade you're interested in, but he's decided to go with a guided party. He'll be staying in mostly the same huts on the same days (hence the itinerary) but obviously climbing separately.

I thought I'd mention it if you have interest and can manage to rearrange plans on short notice. By the way, if you have future Alpine plans do let me know because I'm always happy to go out and you can build up your experience. I might even be able to do your August dates if coming in July isn't possible, but that would depend on quite a few things going well at work...

By the way, be mindful of the fact that in late August/early September the lift service on the Italian side (from Alagna or Staffal) becomes much less frequent and complicates the logistics somewhat. Don't let that put you off - I've climbed there at that time and had no real issues - it just means you need to plan carefully and not assume lifts will be available on demand.

E-mail me if you've got interest: 

(if it bounces, try again after a few hours. My mailbox often fills up and needs to be cleared out).

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