/ Climbing Partner required, Cornwall.

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Captain_Redbeard - on 31 Jan 2019

Climbing partner required for mid-week evening and the possible occasional weekend session(s). Mostly indoor at the minute until the weather/daylight improves but happy to get amongst it outdoors as soon as possible. Haven't climbed recently due to work commitments and lack of partner but looking to address these issues soonest. Mon-Fri based in West Cornwall, Weekends East Cornwall. 

TomSW - on 07 Feb 2019
In reply to Captain_Redbeard:

aye aye Captain,

What level do you climb at? Im always keen to get out climbing. would be good to meet up. I currently climb up to E1-E2 (only new to these grades) but otherwise happily on site anything up to HVS

Im in Breage near helston and happy to get out anywhere within a reasonable drive. Trewavas is my local crag as only 20 min drive/walk im self employes to happy to plan where poss but also can sometimes go last minute to happy to play it by ear and ask/ be asked last minute. better to be asked and say no than not have and miss an opportunity.

All the best


janegallwey - on 08 Feb 2019
In reply to both of you:

Happy to get out whenever if the weather is good. I work flexible hours based in Penryn so can escape at short notice if the sun is shining. VS-E2 usually, have rope/rack/car. 

Captain_Redbeard - on 08 Feb 2019
In reply to both of you:

I haven't climbed regularly for quite a while (reasons above) so I wouldn't like to guess what my grade is at the minute. In the past, it's been a similar grade range to yourself and I'm looking to get back toward that end. 

I'm Helston based during the week and have a car/rope/rack/pad etc so happy to go wherever. 

It would be good to meet up for a climb.

As the weather is pretty pump at the minute, are there any good climbing walls nearby other than GP in Fal?

If you want to drop me an email: topherquayle@yahoo.co.uk



TomSW - on 20:01 Wed
In reply to Captain_Redbeard

hey guys posability of getting out next wednesday afternoon if anyone is free? Will need to keep an eye on the weather. 


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