Climbing partners Swansea/Gower

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 Tammie White 15 Nov 2021

I've just moved back to the Swansea area and looking for new climbing partners to climb both indoors and outdoors around the Gower, to start off in an indoor wall such as Dynamic rock at first.... before outside.

I mostly climb 6a and 6b, occasional 6c after building my strength back Have own ropes etc. I'm a 37 year old female, looking for either male or female climbing partners. I've been climbing for a few years but aiming to get my fitness back after walls were closed for a long time while working abroad.

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 matt.woodfield 16 Nov 2021
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Hi Tammie, I'm Swansea based too.

Best place for finding local partners is the South Wales Climb Facebook group if you're on there.

The SWMC are also active in the area if you are looking for a club.

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Based Swansea retired but always looking for someone to climb with as I have plenty of time now.As Matt says join SWMC as well.


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Sorry Matt that reply is meant for Tammie.😀😀

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 Tammie White 20 Nov 2021
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Thank you Matt

 Tammie White 20 Nov 2021
In reply to Mical:

Great, Thanks

My email is;

I joined the SWMC Facebook page

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