Devon and Cornwall partner

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 Mattilda 28 Mar 2021


Have recently moved to Cornwall and with lockdown easing am super keen to get out on the rock and looking for someone (preferably friendly and sane please!) to climb with.

Climb up to HVS and second E2 although may be a bit weak after lockdown! Have own kit, rack and ropes.

Based near Wadebridge but happy to travel down to Bosigran or up to Devon (when we are allowed!!)


In reply to Mattilda:

The Barn near Launceston is a good place to meet up with climbers. Obviously you'll need to phone up to book in, sometime after 12th April, depending on covid rules.

 BuzyG 29 Mar 2021
In reply to Mark Kemball:

Agree on the barn. Worth putting more info in your profile.too.  I have met several of the climbers I know, through this forum. Watching the meet ups board.  So many great places to climb in Cornwall and Devon.  I will be looking to get going again myself in the coming weeks.

In reply to Mattilda:

Also, living in Wadebridge you are well placed for the Atlantic Coast - there are miles of seacliffs nearby with very few routes on them - plenty of opportunities for new routing if you're into exploring. We're getting stuck into work on that guide now...

 Mattilda 30 Mar 2021
In reply to BuzyG:

Fab, heading to wall as soon as allowed as is literally just down the road from me. 

 Mattilda 30 Mar 2021
In reply to Mark Kemball:

This sounds very exciting. Have spotted a few potential places on coastal walks. 

 richjm 01 Apr 2021
In reply to Mattilda:

Hi Matthew,

I’m based near Redruth and always keen to get out if you fancy. Happy to climb anything, just looking to get out on the rock. Drop me a PM if you fancy getting out some time



In reply to Mattilda:

Hello, I'm in Cornwall/Devon a lot for work so looking for people to climb with. I'm leading up to E2 at the moment (on a good day) so sounds like we might be well matched. Drop me a message if you fancy something. Cheers, Nick

In reply to Mattilda:

Hello Matthew. I live Bodmin area so quite close to you and also lead up to HVS, have led E2 in the past! I'm looking for a regular climbing partner. Would you like to get out soon? I'm in 07785 741287 or 

Thanks, Tracy

 PhilOld 09 May 2021
In reply to tracyclimber:

Hi All,

I’m going to be in the area until the 20th and keen to get out.  -  total noob to outdoor climbing other than bouldering.  
Started to learn to lead sport indoor.  Climb up to French 6b indoor, again sport.

Would be keen to get out and give anything a try, if someone doesn’t mind a bit of baby sitting.

Had considered looking for a guide for a day or two to learn some trad basics and/or do some sport climbing.  Happy to make it a group thing if anyone’s interested in that?

I’m on 07834180



 PhilOld 09 May 2021
In reply to PhilOld:

Forgot to say, I’m staying not far from Padstow.

... and full number is 07834180595, had missed off the last bit

 minexplorer 11 May 2021
In reply to Mattilda:

im in redruth,available most days.not been out for a bit  and keen to get climbing. happy leading VS ,have led fair few HVS too. Rad 07414242782 if you want arrange something sometime.

 purkle 02 Jun 2021
In reply to Mattilda:

Hey Matthew, my partner (also Matthew) who isn't on UKC is keen for trad in your area, wondering if you're available mid week any day next week, or Saturday 12th?

Cheers, Lauren

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