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8dreams - on 10 Jan 2019

Hi all,

Together with my family, I am heading to San Vito for 2 weeks in March. My wife is a climber herself, but given that we have a (currently) 1 month old baby, it seems very probable that the amount of time both of us would be able to climb together would be quite limited.

Hence my question: how easy is it to find climbing partners in San Vito (in March in case this matters).

Does anyone have tips? Also general tips about such a trip with a 4 month (at the time) baby are highly appreciated!


scott titt - on 10 Jan 2019
In reply to 8dreams:

March  is usually fairly quiet in San Vito, and most people will be teamed up. A notice at the reception at El Bahira may produce a result, otherwise talk to Daniele Arena at the YMCA Climbing house or Ivan Savoie at Timbuktu hostel.

Good luck.


8dreams - on 12 Jan 2019
In reply to scott titt:

Great, thank you! Will def try these out, sounds promising

8dreams - on 09:15 Tue
In reply to 8dreams:

Ok, now everything is booked! So the dates are: 15.03 to 30.03.

Please, let me know if you will be at San Vito at this time. Would love to hook up with somebody. My climbing ability (if that matters) : lead ~ 8a/8a+, os ~7c. Belay ability - trained on (by) my wife for more than 7 years :D

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