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Bexrose - on 13 Jul 2018

Hello, I'll be based in the Morzine area from 16th July to early August. Looking for partners to climb with! I lead up to 6a or HVS and will have ropes and racks with me as I am driving over... Becky

Andy Can68 - on 14 Jul 2018
In reply to Bexrose: Hi Becky, I’ll be in Samoens just down the road from you from 22 July - 3 Aug with my family. I climb a similar grade but haven’t climbed in this part of the alps before. The guidebook looks like there’s a lot to do.

I’ve a mate popping over to climb with me for some of the time but rest is open for me. I’ve found the best way to communicate out in France is by text, so here’s my mobile +44 7714 387727. If you’re keen to clip a bolt or two, I’d be up for a climb.

As for me, I’ve a lot of experience on rock and ice,  in U.K. and Chamonix, I’ve access to a car (although my wife and kids will fight me for it), & have every bit of climbing gear known to man. 

Hope to hear from you.



Alec Ed - on 15 Jul 2018
In reply to Bexrose:

Hi Becky, i am in the ecrins at the moment but will be looking for someone to climb with come the 17th. I'm happy to lead up to 5c or VS, and have quickdraws etc but no rope. Would be happy to head up to chamonix or morzine if you are keen to climb there. I don't have any alpine gear with me at the moment so would only be up for sport or trad climbing.


I'm in a campsite at moment with poor internet (but good phone signal) so give me a text if you are keen (I'll pm you my number).



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shah on 16 Jul 2018
In reply to Bexrose:


I'm in Cham at the moment. My partner is injured, so I'd be keen to climb. I just about lead E1 in the UK so similar grade. 

Let me know if you're keen to pop over to Cham next few days. +44 7943 075555

Happy climbing 


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