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L Colin C. on 04 Mar 2018


I am getting into lead climbing and am looking for a fun person to learn and practice with me. Westway Fitness Centre in west London offers courses that can be done on weeknights or weekends for about GBP 80. Let me know if you are interested? I have my whole kit arriving some time this week and can start climbing as soon as it arrives. 

Looking for experienced climbers who are also trying to get into lead climbing!


Cheers, Cocoburra

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L Kit Kline - on 04 Mar 2018
In reply to Cocoburra:

Hi there,

I've been climbing on the Auto Belays at Westway for a little while (have also done a bit of sport and trad outdoor climbing in the UK (and a tiny bit of lead) and also bits of sport in the Alps - but I'd say I'm at novice/improver level). Indoors I'm climbing around 5+/6a (on a good day the 6A.

At westway I'm all signed up and signed off to climb/belay etc

I would really like to find some folks interested in pairing up and training and improving together. I can normally do Mon, Tue or Weds after work and some weekends.

I'll be down there tom (Monday 5th) for a coaching session from 5pm until 6pm - or at the weekend - let me know if you fancy meeting up and having a climb



L Colin C. on 05 Mar 2018
In reply to Kit Kline:

Kit - that sounds great. I'm free Saturday (March 10th) if you want to meet at Westway. Can do anytime so let me know what works best for you. 

L Colin C. on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Kit Kline:

Hey Kit - let me know if you have time on Saturday (10th)? 

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