Looking for a room - Sheffield 2021 academic year.

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Hi, I'm looking for somewhere to live for the 21-22 academic year.

Ideally I'm looking for a double room somewhere within half an hours walk of Hallam Uni, living with like minded housemates - students or professionals I don't mind. I would definitely prefer to actually come home to some mates rather than just living in a shared space so meeting up before hand would be great.

I'm a keen climber and have been working at a wall in manchester for the last couple of years, I skate and slackline fairly regularly too so I guess you could say I'm pretty sporty, the main thing for me though is spending time outdoors which the easy access to the peak district will be perfect for.

My budget is a very maximum of £400pm including bills but obviously cheaper is always better.

Double or minimum ¾ room,

Outdoor space is a plus but at a minimum somewhere to keep a bike,

Perhaps some work space too but again this isn't a deal breaker,

Im looking move in sometime at the start of September but flexible with this as I still dont have start dates,

The main thing is friendly sociable housemates.

Here is a link to my advert on Spare room to give you some more details about me if needed:

Ad ref# 15727301

Let me know


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