/ Looking for partner in Croatia. Now->June 12

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pdx_climber - on 15 Apr 2018

Just arrived in Croatia for 2mo of climbing, but I'm solo (well, with non-climber wife).  Open to anywhere, but in Paklencia now.  Likely heading down to Split/Omis for a while next week as this seems to be the most active area.  Also interested in more northern areas.  Have car, rope, draws, experience, and stoke.  Coming off 2mo of non-climbing travel but should be back to leading 6c+ after a couple days, and hopefully back to 7a within a couple weeks.  Happy to climber easier or belay harder.

kirsten on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to pdx_climber:if you end up staying any longer, drop me a line. As it stands, i’ll be arriving just as you’re leaving. 


Timarzi - on 15 Apr 2018
pdx_climber - on 16 Apr 2018
In reply to kirsten:

Sorry, I have plans and flights already booked - leaving Croatia on June 14.

L mike_duck - on 20 Apr 2018
In reply to pdx_climber:


My friend is also looking for a partner as his wife doesn't climb as well.

We'll be in Buzet 29.04-11.05 and may be longer.

We have booked a house but part of our friends is not coming so by now we have a free separate room for 2-3 people. Price is 10-13 euro/night. For more info check out my post:

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