/ [May 17-30] Aberdeen/Glasgow/Edinburgh Bouldering

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L mli 12 May 2019

Hey, Canadian chick visiting Scotland for a couple weeks, but exact dates in which areas TBD.

I'll probably check out some indoor bouldering places in between being a tourist and stuff - any recs? Would also love to climb with ppl if scheduling works out!

Additionally (this is prob a stretch), it would be awesome if anyone who's already planning an outdoor bouldering sesh wouldn't mind bringing a newbie (to outdoor - I've exclusively climbed indoor)

tom_in_edinburgh 12 May 2019
In reply to mli:

The two stand out bouldering walls in Scotland are Eden Rock in Edinburgh and the TCA Newsroom in Glasgow.   If you don't have a car then Alien Block in Edinburgh is another good option, Eden is a bit of a trek on public transport but 2x the size of Alien.  There's also a newer wall TCA Propstore in Glasgow that I've not tried yet but think it's smaller than the Newsroom.

For roped climbing EICA Ratho is world class, but the bouldering is limited.

The outdoor bouldering in Central Scotland isn't that great.  There's some at Dumbarton but better for people who are already climbing hard stuff outdoors.   Most people would go south to Northumbria or north into the Highlands.   In the Highlands hillwalking/scrambling can be a better option than outdoor bouldering because you keep moving (which means you don't get surrounded by midges) and a little bit of rain doesn't stop you.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.