/ Midweek daytime Sport in the Peak July and August

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teapot - on 08 Jul 2018

Looking for midweek daytime partner for Peak based sport climbing July and August. Cheedale is a good option for me, but open to other suggestions. On road to back to fitness from a niggling pulley issue, so sticking to sub 7b. Loving being finally back in the game! 

mattc - on 08 Jul 2018
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I’m up for tomorrow if you want to get out??

teapot - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to mattc:

Sorry should have said from Thursday this week.

n-stacey - on 09 Jul 2018
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I have the last week in July off if you fancy getting out?




Hannes B on 14 Jul 2018

Hi teapot! If you're free on Monday (16th) after lunch, I'd be keen to get out. Sport or Trad. Please drop me a text, cheers Hannes 07506810975 


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Daveyc86 - on 15 Jul 2018
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Hi - I’m moving up to Manchester in August and don’t start work until the end of the month so have a month free to climb. Redpointing 7a ish at the moment indoors and c6b/6c outdoors. Drop me a message if want a belay buddy.




Just Another Dave - on 16 Jul 2018
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Same here Teapot, Manchester based, often free daytimes. This week's good.

Text if you need a partner tommorrow-friday:

07976 3805-two-oh

Lisa_01 on 11:22 Wed
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Sheffield-based during July. I mainly boulder V2/3, but dabble in toproping now and again! Have tried lead climbing and would be happy to do again.

I'm free this afternoon and tomorrow if that's any good?

teapot - on 09:22 Sat
In reply to teapot:

Thanks for the responses and apologies for not responding to some of you in time for meeting up.

Best option is to PM me as that comes straight to my email and I will respond. I met up with 3 UKc members last week.

Happy to help out complete beginners, but will prioritize pairing up with someone with similar experience (but happy to have someone along as a third who is keen to gain outdoor experience, but tbh there is not much Peak lime sport sub 6B) 



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