North Wales 8—11

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 LynseyJ 07 Jul 2021

Anyone free for trad? Found myself here and partnerless due to injury. At holyhead at the mo but happy to move, keen for multi pitch vs + but open to offers, beggars not choosing and that 🙂 07763 304 217

 the axe 07 Jul 2021
In reply to LynseyJ:

Hi Lynsey you are welcome to us at Trevor tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at llanmymynech all the best Shaun,07726860430 

In reply to LynseyJ:

Hi Lynsey

im also in north Wales this weekend looking for climbing partners and saw your message  

would I be able to come and find you? I have van, and kit and am free sat and Sunday, pref for trad but can do sports  

I can lead upto E1 (starting too) and second up a bit harder and have been climbing 30 years  

I just started keeping an on line log book - you can see this years efforts  

thanks for your consideration. 


In reply to LynseyJ:

I tried calling you but it wasn’t going through. Maybe you’re out of reception. 

mine is 07719734274


 the axe 16 Jul 2021
In reply to Claire Carpenter:

Hi Claire sorry I missed your call ,I am climbing all the time so ring me if you want to get out ,at the moment I am in the peak for a week, and afterwards a week in North Wales all ways up for climbing , what is your local crag's ? Just let me know when you can climb , give me a text on Wats app ,or I can ring you all the best Shaun 🙂

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