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TLDR: Experienced Sport Climbers based in London looking for more partners to cimb outside. Can belay any grade, check my user log if you'd like to see grades climbed.

I've been climbing outside now for 5 years, can belay competently and have all necessary gear and a UK Driving license. I usually climb with a couple of friends who are also experienced and competent belayers. We're originally from Brazil (used to climb together there as well) and had a great community of climbers there, so we were almost never out of people to climb with.

It would be great if we could gather a group here as well and climb with some British climbers (or from anywhere else really instead of just us Brazilians). So I'm posting here in case anyone is keen. We usually climb in The Castle/Mile End/City Bouldering so we can meet there first if you'd prefer.

We usually go Sport climbing in Portland but are open for anywhere else tbh, you can see some of the recent climbs I've logged in my profile for what grade I'm climbing but I can belay whatever. If you're an experienced trad climber I'm a competent second and would love to try out some of the british trad routes as well as I've only climbed Sport here.



 IPA 26 May 2022
In reply to Gui_LC:

Hi there, I am looking for partners to go climbing outside London. I have experience on sport climbing, gear, and a car.

Cheers, Ivan


In reply to Gui_LC:

Sounds like you would do well to join a climbing club. North London Mountaineering club are a super friendly bunch who meet at mile end and the castle, get out regularly and have a great hut in north wales. for details. 

In reply to IPA:

Hi Ivan, Cool! I'll ping you on Whatsapp shortly.

In reply to Gazmataz:

Thanks for this! Are you a member Gazmataz? Sorry we don't have "clubs" like these where I come from so not exactly sure how it works... Looks like we need to be invited to join is that it?

 Michael7825 28 May 2022
In reply to Gui_LC:

Hi Gui I'm super interested! I'll message you!

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