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Flor 12 Jul 2019


I’m travelling in the Alps, starting in South Austria to eventually end up in Chamonix in early August and am looking for a climbing partner(s)! Everything is flexible, right now Im in South Austria but was thinking about the Dolomites or other Italian spots too. 

I climb up to 6b+ confidently, 6c is OK but a fall here or their is possible,  7a is a small project. But for me the grade you climb doesn’t really matter (unless we do multipitch). I’d also be happy to do some via ferrata or cycling I’m just travelling  by train and camping gear,  got my climbing stuff but not a rope unfortunately, altough if necessary might still get one.

Looking forward to hear from you! 

Kind regards


Tom Blake 13 Jul 2019
In reply to Flor:

Hey man,

I'm in bregaglia right now with a London climbing club and we're an odd number so feel free to get in touch. I'll be travelling until mid August



JohnWoodrow 13:08 Thu
In reply to Flor:


I should be staying about a 15 minute drive from Chamonix from the 26th of July until the 10th of August.  I'll be driving down so I'll be taking plenty of gear, including crashpad, 3 ropes (30m, 40m, 80m), quickdraws, and so on.

I've recently come back from a five month hiatus, and I'm just getting back into grade 6 territory.  I should be able to do a lot of 6a's now, some 6b's, and project 6c.  I'll be more than happy to exchange belay sessions with you on our respective routes, and I'd like to do some bouldering.  Some multipitch would be fantastic too if you don't mind climbing some easier stuff.

I'm going to be working for some of the time that I'm there, but I've got a friend already there that can climb a bit better than me, and a bit worse than you.  There's a good chance that he'll be available whenever I'm not, and I can put you guys in touch.

Drop me a private message, or you can call or text/whatsapp me on +33 7 68 42 31 88 


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