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Snowdonia scrambles & climbs

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Hello all,

Inspired by Mark Reeves new book I’m keen for some grade 2/3 Snowdonia scrambles once lockdown is over - happy to second up to VDiff.

Does anyone want to rope up?? I have a rack & rope etc.

It’s a long drive from the flatlands of Suffolk but can’t wait to be back in the mountains again. 

 Jmacquarrie 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Dan-uk:

Hi Dan, I'll be going to North Wales for some scrambling once lockdown is over, will be heading up from north Hertfordshire so a similar trek through Brum to get there.

 Jay83 08 Jan 2021
In reply to Dan-uk:

Hi Dan,

Worth getting in contact with Ipswich Mountaineering Club. 


In reply to Jmacquarrie:

Thanks for the reply - that would be great to get to the mountains .... something to look forward over the next few weeks stuck indoors!

Do you have any routes in mind??



 Jmacquarrie 09 Jan 2021
In reply to Dan-uk:

Full disclosure - I've not done any rope climbing for years so I'm not in a position to lead. I just solo scramble (up to grade 3 / mod) so if you're set on doing a few climbs I'm sure they'll be other people up for that.

I was thinking Dolmen face in the Ogwen valley? Although that's a grade 3 so maybe Y Garn East ridge for a warm up, I probably need a warm up to be honest, been a good few months since I've been scrambling.

Always plenty of scrambling on Tryfan as well.

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In reply to Jmacquarrie:

I would definitely be keen on Y Garn East, that would be great. I’ve only been up the north east ridge before.

Personally. I would want a rope for the Dolmen.

I agree, Tryfan would be good. Plenty of fun to be had on the east face.

 Jmacquarrie 09 Jan 2021
In reply to Dan-uk:

I probably mean the north East ridge, last did it in 2019.

Atlantic ridge on Carnedd Y Filliast is ok for a grade 2 but when I went in August there had been a big landslide (mud not rock) where the path to get into the Cwm was. I took a big detour and still did it but no idea what it'll be like now (I felt more nerves on the walk in than on the rock with that one).

No stress about Dolmen or anything else regarding wanting ropes, got to be safe.

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 WelshLeroy 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Dan-uk:

Hi mate based in Bangor , if you're interested I'm up for some Scrmables up to grade 3 without rope. 

Give me a shout 


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