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J Whittaker - on 28 Apr 2019

I've seen quite a few partner requests for summer alpine over the past week or so and it seems that alot of us will be in & around Chamonix etc. during the same time period or at least with a fair bit of overlap.

It could be an idea if anyone was keen to set up a group whatsapp or facebook, then we could give updates on who's done what, conditions, partnering up and of course going for the all important beers.

Ill be in Chamonix 19th July-1st August with the ability to move around if weather is better elsewhere. My number is 07583152355. 

If you think it could be a good idea drop your number in here and ill create an open whatsapp group where anyone can add people in.

Alfrede - on 01 May 2019
In reply to J Whittaker:totally agree. There seem to be quite a few of us around in Chamonix this summer. My email is alfrobertson2@hotmail.com and my phone 0033785163376. Contact me any way you like. Hope to see you in the summer. Best wishes, Alf

J Whittaker - on 13 May 2019
In reply to Alfrede:

For anyone that's interested this is the link to the group



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