/ Trad and scrambling in Snowdonia Aug 8th to 19th

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L sise on 08 Jul 2018

Hi All,

I'm in North Wales from 8th of August untill the 19th. I was planning to scramble and hike by myself mostly. However, I would be happy have company on harder scrambles and easy long trad routes. I'm planning on starting with easy scrables and working my way up from there.

I have climbed only occasionally for the past two years, but before that I used to boulder and climb easy trad quite a bit. Some multipitch trad too. I also aid climbed (clean) a bit and I'm confident with gear and ropes. I have no interest in sport climbs. I can handle a map and a compass, but I don't really have any experience in the mountains. 

I serously doubt I'll be leading anything harder than severe. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy to lead v.diff and easier.

I haven't decided on whether to bring trad kit with me, but might as well if I have company.

static266 - on 08 Jul 2018
In reply to sise:

I’m always keen for company on Mountaineering routes, send me a message or pop into the Llanberis youth hostel where I work. Free for a good chunk of the day most days in August.


L sise on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to static266:

Ok Jacob, I'll be in touch.


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