/ Trad/sport/gym climbing July 22nd - August 2nd

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L Agsf - on 11 Jul 2018

I'm a Canadian/American climber (live in San Francisco, from Vancouver, so Squamish and Tahoe are my go to places) heading to the UK for a week and a bit. 

I'm an experienced trad leader and will climb sport if cracks aren't abundant. I've lead up to 10b/c (6b) trad and sport in Squamish and the Sierra Nevada, and I'm happy to follow anything up to hard 5.11 (7a) (though if it's real overhung I might suffer a bit - I'm more of a slab and crack climber). I have shoes and a harness but no other gear as I'm traveling light.

I'll be in London July 22-24 and would be happy to get to a gym, then I'll be up by Northumberland from the 24th to 28th and have no real plans for the time after that. 

If anyone is looking for an enthusiastic partner for a day trip or for a few days, I'm happy to travel to meet up somewhere accessible by transit. I'd love to experience some British crack climbing (crack is my true climbing love - I've spent a couple weeks in Indian Creek and mostly climb granite cracks when closer to home) or see what your slab is all about. I will also gladly just hop on whatever you are interested in climbing. 

Let me know if you're looking for someone to climb with, wherever you may be, and I'll see if I can make it out there while I'm in the country. 

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