/ Weekends group/partners in Peak district

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L napoleon_dynamite on 22 Feb 2018


I'm south Manchester based, peaks are convenient.

I've got full trad rack.  Also enjoying sport, especially whilst colder.  I'm low in the grades, 5C, VS ish.  Been climbing less than a year but safe on trad knowledge.

Happy to second harder stuff, and am fairly low on the faff factor when it comes to placing gear, making anchors etc.

27/M if that matters



charlie broe - on 24 Feb 2018
In reply to napoleon_dynamite:

Hey, i've just seen your message on here, I'm looking to find a partner for climbing in the peaks. I live in Cambridgeshire, I know a bit of a treck but I usually travel up after work on fri and stay in the van over the weekend. 

I climb about VS trying to push the grade at the mo, ive been climbing for around 3 years and have done my spa training, i also have a full rack and ropes. 

31 and male.

Cheers bud hope to hear from you.


L napoleon_dynamite on 01 Mar 2018
In reply to charlie broe:

Hi Charlie, dropping you a message now 

Peakpdr - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to charlie broe:

Alright .. I stay in Buxton, In need of people to get outdoors with, Mainly climb trad and boulder, but willing to get on the slimestone if i must.. drop me a message if you want to get out once the snow. roads clear up..

ohhh adding some more info on your profile might get you more partners..

charlie broe - on 04 Mar 2018
In reply to Peakpdr:

Hey Paul thanks for the message yeah that sounds great im trying to find a few reliable partners i can get out with. I haven't climbed on limestone yet ha so no worries. Yeah for sure I'l give you a shout once its cleared up cheers bud.

Steve5543 on 04 Mar 2018
In reply to napoleon_dynamite:

Hi. I'd like to put my hand up as well. Based Cambridge way too so familiar with a night in the car. Got rack, ropes etc. Leading grit HVS on a good day. 



Peakpdr - on 07 Mar 2018
In reply to napoleon_dynamite:

Anyone out today ? Wed 07/03 in the Peak District

Deezel65 - on 14:28 Tue
In reply to napoleon_dynamite:

I'm Barnsley way so Peak is always good for me - Weekends not always best for me, but if you're looking always happy for you to give me a shout and see if I'm about ta.  

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