Winter Alpine Partner for III/IV equivalent

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 SimonBB53 07 Jan 2022

Hi there

I'm currently Geneva based and looking for a partner for winter climbs (ice and alpinism) in Swiss and French Alps, Aosta at a push (eg Cogne).  Climb easy summer rock and summer alpine but been off-games for a variety of reasons recently.  Have a car so can do the driving!  



 brunoschull 07 Jan 2022
In reply to SimonBB53:

Hi Simon--I'm based in Basel, and I'm always looking for new alpine, ice, and rock partners.  Do you do any pure ice climbing?  Do you want to try some moderate ice climbing in Switzerland?  I know some nice spots   I do come down to Cham regularly, and there are some nice moderate mixed routes that we could try.

I''m originally from the US, 49 years old, a high school teacher, father of a 12 year old girl, generally not-so-risk averse (but climbing is climbing).  I am oriented toward the academic, left-leaning, democratic side of the sociopolitical spectrum, which could be important in these polarized times. 

Anyway, if you are interested in climbing, send me a mail at brunoschull @ hotmail . com

all best,


 mikewicksteed 11 Jan 2022
In reply to SimonBB53:

Hi Simon. I'm a climber also based in Geneva and looking to get back into ice climbing this winter. Quite expereinced on ice but also been laid off due to injuries for a few years. Fair bit of experience Chamonix / Cogne / La Grave and further afield ! 

My number is 078 207 17 15 ( also WhatsApp) 


 samkat 17 Jan 2022
In reply to SimonBB53:

Hi Simon, 

I am currently enjoying rock in Spain but very keen to do winter / ice. Looking to go somewhere 2nd and or 3rd week of February, and looking for climbing partners. Are you around? I was playing around with the idea of going to Kandersteg or Interlaken as I have heard they are good places to go, but happy to go anywhere really (except Cogne as already been there before). 

I have winter gear and also about 3 years winter experience. But have also not climbed last 3 winters so will want to start easy. 

 Lugonn 19 Jan 2022
In reply to SimonBB53:

Hey Simon, I'm based in cham and looking for partners to get out on ice and mixed routes. Send me a message on +33786239638 and we can chat, cheers!

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