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daviess566 04 Nov 2019

Hi there

I am hoping to get some weekends climbing in Scotland this winter. Looking for a competent, easy going but reliable person to partner with.

I live in Sheffield and would probably aim to leave on Friday and return Sunday.

Have all gear, ropes guide book etc. Also have car If needed but preferably looking to share with someone else as wife likes to use over weekend - can happily contribute to fuel.

Admittedly, not done any winter climbing in Scotland before, all has been in the alps ice, mixed etc.. So probably want to climb lower grades to start with.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.


Duncan Beard 04 Nov 2019
In reply to daviess566:

Hi Stephen

I am keen on weekends even at short notice & live in Barnsley. I have a large estate car & pref to drive up Fri pm, kip in that then probably use a hostel on Sat night. Happy to do car park camping on the Sat pm if necessary.

I can lead up to grade III, general mountain craft is good & nav ok if a bit under used lately. I do have a couple of other partners but they are not always available.

Looks like things are developing for this weekend with low temperatures & snow but who knows how consolidated it will be.

Drop me a message when you are thinking of going.


MuckyMorris 05 Nov 2019
In reply to daviess566:

Hi Stephen.

I may be able to make the odd weekend although winter is busy and I work some weekends. I am London based though so prefer to train it up to Scotland. Driving would take a long weekend which I sometimes have.

Skills wise only led grade 1 in Scottish winter and up to PD in the Alps. Ice WI 3+. Seconded a fair bit harder. Mountain fit though.

So starting doing some lower grade stuff would be great. Have rack and rope as well so if it suits get in touch.

Regards, Paul

Planeandsimple 06 Nov 2019
In reply to daviess566:

Hi Steven. I'm based in Sheffield. I have a small van with a double bed in the rear, rack ropes and other kit. I normally head up two weekends a month but due to injury and children my partners aren't able to do much this season.

I lead up to IV and enjoy winter climbing from fast flowing alpine days to cold slow scratching in a storm. I tend to let the conditions choose the route and type of climbing. I finish work at 5pm Friday and try to drive straight up to maximise sleep.

Hopefully we get a good season this year, last year was awful. Send me a message if you're interested. 


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