Work in LONDON  Live 20 Minutes from SANDSTONE CLIMBING

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 The Wizard 23 Nov 2021


Malcolm The Wizard lives in a beautiful country manor setting in a large apartment in East Sussex.

We have had many climbing dinner parties here in the past and I have had climbers living  here before they were able to manage to buy their own houses. Robin Mazinke (Climbers Club Southern Sandstone  Guidebook Writer ) and Lee Hogarth (Exeter Uni Lecturer and now a prolific SW  Dartmoor Climber) will testify to good times in the past.

For the last 8 yeas I have needed the space but  I am now downsizing and will be away more so I have decided to  offer this apartment share so this large space does not get left empty.

The apartment is at the centre of a circle that includes Tunbridge Wells,  East Grinstead, Crawley, Haywards Heath, Sussex Uni (Brighton), Lewes and Uckfield. We are only 15 minutes from HH station on the London line via Gatwick Airport.  With being able to work from home some work days it's very plausible to be able to hold down a London job and live in the country.

To live here you would have to own a car as public transport is sketchy. Harrisons and Bowles are only 20 minutes away and we have 4 good indoor walls for climbing and bouldering near here.. We have a circle of friends on a WhatsApp Group called South Downs Climbers. If you are into riding SDC also arranges an off-road mountain bike ride each week on the South Downs National Park  and the High Weald . As we live in a park you can go walking or running from outside the front door.

This is not necessary a boys only house and to be truthful I would like the influence of some female climbers  here so that my beautiful Rye Pottery we use each day is in good hands.

If you are interested in this apartment share please pick up  the phone and have a chat with me.

Malcolm The Wizard
Phone:  01825 791 682
Text: 077 11 66 53 53

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