/ 2 DMM Cams Left at the Top of Tody's Wall Froggatt Sat 11/11/17

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RPMT - on 13 Nov 2017
I left two Cams at the top of Tody's Wall at c. 3 pm on Saturday 11th November. There was another party climbing below us and another member of the same group soloing on the left (as you look at the crag). My climbing partner said that he met up with the same party on Sunday 12th - at the Roaches. They kindly mentioned that they'd found the kit and would keep an eye on UKC. Hoping that you read this. I'm happy to provide a full description for the two items and pay for p&p as well as a small reward.
mark s - on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to RPMT:

i was in the group on Saturday and sunday. which one said they had your stuff. will get in contact with them
RPMT - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to mark s:

Thanks Mark....not too sure. To explain, I climbed the route with, I presume, your party below. I think it was myself and Dave (climbing partner for the route) and yourselves that were in the process of climbing or racking up.

Next day (Sunday) I met up with Dave in the late evening at the Roaches. He explained that he had met someone from (presumably) your group who had found two cams, and had chatted with them. He (Dave) had said that he didn't think it was our gear, but would ask with me if we met up. We met later at Rhodren and he asked me to check when I had the chance.

I hadn't noticed they were missing on Saturday, or Sunday for that matter, and when Dave told me about the find I wasn't convinced that they were my cams. On returning home on Monday and checking kit from the weekend I realised that I'd lost the kit.

I'll try to get hold of Dave to check who it was, but he can be difficult to contact due to his work. So if you could check from your end that would be great. Apologies for the long explanation.

Thanks for getting in touch and grateful if you could let your friend know that I had left them; once again much appreciated.


alan rosier - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to RPMT:

Hi there,

I have your cams.

Drop me a p.m. and we can arrange their return.


RPMT - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to alan rosier:

Many thanks Alan,

I've sent you an email with my contact details. Look froward to hearing from you in due course.

mark s - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to RPMT:

I've just realised I was with you and not the group who had lost the cams.
I was with dave at roaches for a bit with Gus on 5 clouds before going home. Communication breakdown as they say.

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