/ alpkit jacket on way back down from grt gable.

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benjamin m on 13 Nov 2017 - whois?
hi all, bright green alpkit down jacket lost on descent great gable sun night. if anyone sees it.... its gruby and old and warm and lovely.
happy to pay pnp to get it back.
(also what happened to the poor Audi that was ripped apart on the road by farm, where all the remembrance service people had parked - looked brutal!)
Jim Lancs on 13 Nov 2017

Unfortunately I can't help with your jacket, but I would also be interested to hear what happened later with the Seathwaite parking incident.

Apparently the farmer couldn't get between the parked cars in the lane with his tractor and sheep trailer, so in frustration, he banged it into low ratio and widened the lane by ripping off the mirrors, wheel arches and door panels from the F-Type Jag, BWW and Yeti 4x4.

Someone said they should call the police, but as there was so little sympathy for the BMW driver, I can only assume this suggestion was made in the hope the local plod would hand out a ticket for 'obstructing the Queen's highway' to the BMW driver to compound his misery.
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wercat on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to benjamin m:
Was that the one on the left with a panel ripped away narrowing the gap? I left a little after mid-day and first all I saw was the broken glass and thought it was a break in till a moment later I saw the ripped panel and then the mirror hanging loose on the other much larger vehicle. I had to take great care to get through in my little car so it looked as if they had been very stupidly parked indeed, as quite a few other vehicles all the way nearly to the campsite.

I'm not surprised someone had done that damage though I wondered if it had been someone arriving in a rush or the farmer with a livestock trailer - I thought the parking yesterday the worst by far I've ever seen there and I don't know how he's supposed to maintain farm access - given this is the time of year when a lot of sheep are moved about and brought down from the fells

Good luck with your jacket - it's a real downer losing something in the hills
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Jim Lancs on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to wercat:

" . . . Was that the one on the left with a panel ripped away narrowing the gap? . . . "

Yes, the BMW was on the west side of the road and the Jag and the Yeti on the other.

With so many people turning out and with some bits of the verge being blocked off with large rocks whilst other bits were a quagmire, a lot of people didn't put enough thought into how best to park.
Lemony - on 13 Nov 2017
ERB - on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to Lemony:

Typical irresponsible parking, next we will all be stopped from parking at Seathwaite due to the actions of the selfish, I don't blame the farmer one bit.
Pedro50 on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to Jim Lancs:

Brilliant. You can park at the farm for a quid or so anyway. I've left mine there for 3 days and gave him a fiver. Respect
wercat on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to ERB:
To be honest I've been going up on Remembrance Sunday barring illness or extreme weather and I've got used to seeing the sheep being gathered from the fells on or around that day - it's a busy time of year in Seathwaite and surely people know what will happen if you block a road to farm traffic. I hope the farmer is given some leeway in this as I'm not sure what he could do - arguably to stop there would have resulted in hundreds of cars trapped in a jam. What then?

I was walking through there well before 8am and as you'd expect the farmers were very busy and despite that wishing folk good morning, no surliness on view
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wercat on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to Jim Lancs:

I just hope it doesn't result in a parking ban
Simon Caldwell - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Pedro50:

Parking's now £3, still not going to break the bank, but apparently the field was badly churned up and people had to be towed out the previous day.

As for blocking the road - whoever parked first was doing nothing wrong, whoever chose to park opposite was at fault. The chances are that at least one of the damaged cars is in the former category.
Pedro50 on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Simon Caldwell:

Point taken. However in the photo in the link cars on both sides are partially on the road which is unacceptable. People need to park "defensively" so that they are not going to cause a problem or risk damage no matter what some other numpty does.
Drive to the turning point at the end and then drive back until you find a sensible place, even if it means walking 1K or so.
wercat on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Simon Caldwell:
The parking yesterday exceeded by far anything I've seen there ever before, in length, number of vehicles and amount of double parking, not to mention obstruction.

The farmer could easily have got to a point where he could not quite get through and could not get out of the situation, which would have left the road blocked until ...... what?

looks like a no-win situation
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