Bridestones...lost a guidebook?

If anyone lost  a well-used Rockfax bouldering guide at Bridies yesterday someone I know has it and I can get it back to you or you could probably pick it up form there house below the rocks. Let me know either way

In reply to Bulls Crack:

Yes! Was livid about losing that.

It was a while ago when I lost it there, is it super-battered? If it was just left somewhere totally exposed where it would have got soaked I guess it might not be mine (boo hoo) but if no one more compelling claims it, I definitely lost my copy there earlier this year.


In reply to Jon Stewart:

Just realised this is a confession of lockdown crime... But I didn't post my pics all over social media and claim that it was perfectly within the law. I just broke the rules because I felt like it.

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