/ Cam size 2.5 on top of stanage edge popular end

James Worsdale on 11 Sep 2018

Hey guys, i was climbing yesterday on the popular end of stanage (the 10th of september) and ive left my wild country helium friend size 2.5. I think ive left it on top of the edge above "grotto wall" and "reagent" about 4-5m back from the edge. I was going to use it for part of a belay but then desided not to so its just sat there not even placed but laying next to a crack. Its got a peice of finger tape wraped around the stem -as have all of my cams- it also had a gold/yellow 'DMM' spectra carabiner on the sling. If anyone finds it please could you get back to me on "07591 758048"

I would be so greatful if you could return it, it was the first cam i ever bought and they've sinve be discontinued so i can't even replace it.

Mayny thanks, James

Dave Todd - on 12 Sep 2018
In reply to James Worsdale:

Hi James

I've just had a walk along the top of Stanage - and took a few mins to check the area that you mentioned - sadly no sign of your cam.

Hope it's been picked up by someone who sees this thread, and you get it back in the end!