/ LOST: Camera on Ben Nevis (Coire na Ciste)

Dino Dave - on 29 Mar 2018

I sadly lost my Black Panasonic GF2 down the slopes from the base of Glovers Chimney. I saw it roll around the base of Garadh Buttress and, based on its pace, it could have ended up quite far down.

If found, its return would be much appreciated (and of course I'll cover P&P). Even just to get the SD card back would be amazing as I failed to back it up! Lesson learnt.


Phil_ncl on 02 Apr 2018
In reply to Dino Dave:

I May have it! Drop me a pm!


Jim C - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to Dino Dave:

Looks like you are in luck Dino. 

But to increase your chances of getting your lost cards/ Cameras back, for every new card you buy, take the first photo of a card with your contact details on it , and protect it to stop deletion.

If someone finds it, it will then be very easy  to find you. 

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