/ clip stick found at Gilwern - on 26 Aug 2018

Crag X Gilwern Hill

Home made clip stick recovered at Gilwern. 

Left by two silver tops climbing on 26th Aug and picked up by the other two silver tops there on the same day.

raymondmardon on 08 Sep 2018
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Hi Mike, I’m the forgetful old git. I’m off to Sardinia on Thursday ( 13th ) for 2 weeks,probably with an even more Heath Robinson clip stick ( battered fishing pole and bull dog clip )

I live at Misty Cottage, Llandogo,NP25 4TF

If you climb in the Wye Valley I’d be grateful if you would drop it off, or perhaps you might send it to me. If so, let me know how I can pay you.

Thanks very much for rescuing it-you may have the patent rights.

Ray Mardon

jess13 - on 08 Sep 2018
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I read that as dipstick which rather reflects on me .... doh!