/ Forgot a Red DMM Drago in the Mincer, Roaches

rowland penty on 11 Jun 2018

On Saturday (10/6) afternoon I left a Red, old style DMM Dragon cam in The Mincer at the Roaches.

It was placed right at the bottom of the route, second was going to come back and remove it from the ground after climbing up.

The cam has red tape on the spine of the carabiner.

Let me know if you found it and are happy to send it back - I will of course cover postage etc




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pbrown on 11 Jun 2018
In reply to rowland penty:

I found your cam. It was indeed at the bottom of The Mincer. We did wonder how it got left there as I could reach it from the ground.

DM me your address and I'll post it back to you.


rowland penty on 13 Jun 2018
In reply to pbrown:

Great, thanks! Unless I am doing something wrong, it says you don't accept messages?

pbrown on 13 Jun 2018
In reply to rowland penty:

I’ve changed my profile. Hopefully you should be able to DM me now.