Found - shoes at Farletter

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 Drexciyan 22 May 2022

Pair of climbing shoes found 21/5, pm me if you think they're yours.

 euskocia 26 May 2022
In reply to Drexciyan:


I left my climb shoes in farleter

they are a pair of scarpa miuras yellow and black

my name is Rafael and I live in kingussie please let me know if you got them

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OP Drexciyan 28 May 2022
In reply to euskocia:

Hi Rafael I got your shoes and messaged you twice but not heard back? Check your email and maybe your junk mail !? 

 euskocia 06 Jun 2022
In reply to Drexciyan:

that is great news , I will send you an email with my next moves so we arrange a pick up. Are you local?
thanks Rafael

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