/ Found: Black Dimnd shovel handle, Coire Domhain

Peter MacKenzie - on 01 Feb 2018

Found Black Diamond snow-shovel handle in Coire Domhain, I guess likely lost by some snow-holers or ski-tourers.  Black handle/shaft, blue bit of nylon cordelette tied to the bottom.  Sitting shallow in the snow, caked with a bit of ice but visible when we picked it up on Thursday 25 January 2018, so I guess lost no longer than a week beforehand.

Found in Coire Domhain, between Hell's Lum crag, top of Sneachda & top of Coire an Lochain, in the Cairngorms. Snow-shovel handle/shaft (Black Diamond). If it's yours, get in touch ASAP - I'm in Edinburgh this weekend for the EMFF, and then off to the Alps for a bit.  07875 631 036.





Hell's Lum Hell's Lum

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Peter MacKenzie - on 08 Feb 2018
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If no one claims, I'll give it to Guy the MIC - he mentioned having bent a shovel handle the other day...  so if you want, please claim soon! P