Found cam at Holyhead mountain.

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At the base of breaking the barrier. Let me know what it is if it's yours and I'll get it back to you.

 oldishpete 03 May 2022
In reply to fammer:

Hi PeteCarter here Oldishpete

I put a purple cam in Breaking barrier, on Monday Morning. Its missing from rack, not sure if my second retrieved it or fumbled it.  Cant contact him at moment only climbed with him on Monday first time. Wonder if any body found a Screwgate below traverse pitch on Dream as well !! 

Thanks for putting it up on UKC.

 oldishpete 10 May 2022
In reply to oldishpete:

Thanks Fammer

gear returned , however it ended up on Floor, thanks.

I have now found Gear at Agden Rocher. and will return it.


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