Found dentures

 chrisensoll 29 Apr 2021

Hi. I found some dentures at Black Crag Pike O Brisco. I am sure someone would be pleased to have them back 😀. 


In reply to chrisensoll:

Ah I pink deh bight be bine, I dropped somb da way das beekeb

 Frank R. 29 Apr 2021
In reply to chrisensoll:

Best FOUND post ever!!! Hope the owner gets reunited with them soon

In reply to JJ Krammerhead III:That is one of the best posts I have ever read on UKC, brought tears to my eyes.

 Wainers44 29 Apr 2021
In reply to chrisensoll:

Apparently that's called crag swag mate. Yours now, enjoy!

 Albert Tatlock 29 Apr 2021
In reply to chrisensoll:

Was there any gold teeth in this set of gnashers, they might be mine 🦷

In reply to chrisensoll:

My grandfather lost his in the sea in France in WWI on a short break from the front. He advertised in an army paper and was lucky enough to get a package back...except the teeth weren't his.

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