/ Found: guidebook at navigation 24June

Pretty obvious which guidebook so I won’t ask that - perhaps message me with a rough description of your climbing day at Navigation and address and I’ll arrange to get it sent back! 

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Angry old man - on 13 Jul 2018
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Thought climbing was banned till 15 july

RAD does not say it has been lifted early


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The RAD I'm looking at says:

Restrictions apply from 1 March - 1 August.

Reason: Nesting Birds

LAST UPDATED: 18/04/2018

BMC have been advised that Barn Owls could be nesting at this crag. If so these birds have special protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.  Avoid climbing the routes on the Left Hand Retaining wall "Left Over" to "Half man-Half Machine"  inclusive.

Nobody was climbing these routes.