Found Keys Eskdale

 D.botts87 10 Jun 2021

Keys found bottom of Hardknott Pass Eskdale. Tues 8th June.

Have a distinct red Italy keyring. 

Will post them back to you. Email me on here 


 Forester3 11 Jun 2021
In reply to D.botts87:

If you’re still in the area it may be worth considering leaving them somewhere locally, e.g. the nearest pub (Woolpack?) or the Youth Hostel, as the owner may not check, or even know about, UKC so local facilities are likely to be the first places they’d check. I say this as I dropped my car keys whilst walking in my local Forest, after lots of faff and hassle getting home for the spare to retrieve my car, I thought afterwards “what would I do if I found some car keys there - I’d probably take them to the nearest shop” so I called the local bike hire shop to find that, indeed, they’d been handed in 😁

 D.botts87 11 Jun 2021
In reply to Forester3:

Cheers valid point thanks. 

I've posted this on the usual Facebook pages too. Posting on here hopefully to spread the word. 

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