/ Found: SD card in case at Millstone

scotty88 - on 31 Aug 2018

32gb SD card in a case found near Mayday in Cioch Bay at Millstone. I belive it was left by a group of 4 who were possibly there with a guide when we arrived.

kevinroet - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to scotty88:

Scotty 88, that was us.  We were doing some filming, it was in a black case with small carabiner attached to it.

Jim C - on 07 Sep 2018
In reply to kevinroet:

Tip :- take a photo of your contact details on every memory card as you format it, and then protect it.

If it is later  lost,  you have a better chance of getting it back( not everyone is as kind as Scotty88, but if it is made easy for them, they might get it back to you. ) 

glad you got it back this time though. 

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