FOUND: Half a rack on Mur Y Niwl (Craig Yr Isfa)

 gtaylor997 20 Apr 2021

Mur y Niwl (VS 4c) Left in pitch 2.

3 draws and 3 cams. Some evidence they’ve been there a while but mostly still looking shiny and it’s a popular route so can’t have been that long!

Half want to return as cams are a sore loss, half interested in finding out the story behind them!

 Groundhog 21 Apr 2021
In reply to gtaylor997:

I am assuming you were up there recently. What were the conditions? Cold? Rock greasy? I have been thinking of getting on some mountain rock while its dry.

Sorry for going off topic! 

 gtaylor997 29 Apr 2021
In reply to Groundhog:

Late response so things may have changed, but the forecast has been fairly clear so should still be good. It was bone dry and not a bit of grease when we did it! The mountain rock we were on was all like this

 Cobra_Head 29 Apr 2021
In reply to gtaylor997:

Looks like you've got cams and no story

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