/ Headtorch found on Acheronte in Cogne

grim830 05 Feb 2020

Two Scottish chaps were climbing on Acheronte in the Valnontey valley (Cogne) today. Our group found a headtorch on the approach and think it's theirs... there was a misunderstanding and one of our group brought it back by mistake instead of leaving it with their kit. 
If anyone knows who it might belong to we're in Cogne until Saturday...

tjdodd 09 Feb 2020
Brucemacrosson 09 Feb 2020
In reply to grim830:


I was that climber who dropped that black petzl headtorch.

Wednesday was our last day.  apologies I didn't look in the correct forum.  I had been checking the Winter Climbing Form. I put a post in it today

I live in Edinburgh.  If you would be good enough to post it back to me I'd be only to happy to pay for the postage.

I hope your trips proving to be a success.