Left all my kit at the car park!

Cheddar Gorge NorthHi guys… I’ve left some kit at Arch Rock, Cheddar Gorge this afternoon and by ‘some kit’ I mean all my kit! Left it on the bank next to the lay by where I was parked and accidentally drove off without it. Someone may have gone home with a lot of crag swag but if you picked it up please let me know and please share to any other groups where it might reach somebody. There were two guys trad climbing across the road from us and they’d parked in the same place so if you have it please let me know! There was a yellow edelrid rope, harness, osprey bag…


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 deepsoup 08:29 Wed
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Oof!  That's a really bad one.  Best of luck, I hope somebody reunites you with your kit.

 abr1966 18:59 Wed
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Bump again...

 PaulJepson 07:57 Thu
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Trad climbers wouldn't have gone near it as it would have had sport-climber scent on it. 

Have you posted on all the fb groups like Bristol Climbing Friends? 

 Wainers44 08:20 Thu
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Assume you have tried the cops? Stuff handed in to them can take a while to go through their process and so it's worth re-checking with them from time to time?

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When I found some stuff the cops wouldn't touch it, they told me to photograph it and put it on their lost and found website.....

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